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A commercial history

Founded in 1996, Foton has a history in the manufacture of heavy duty commercial vehicles including trucks, buses and agricultural equipment. Foton invests heavily in research and development and has facilities in Tokyo, Stuttgart and Beijing. Foton is ranked FIRST in the Global Commercial Vehicle Industry in terms of production and sales and is a leading supplier of transport solutions in the international market. Its annual vehicle production recently exceeded 650,000.

Foton strives to provide global automotive markets with high quality, affordable vehicles powered by sourcing the best of current, as well as emerging, technologies. Strong joint ventures with globally-reputed major component brands, sustainable engineering, and advanced systems and technology are embodied in every Foton vehicle.

Foton DNA

Industry best components are at the heart of every Foton vehicle. Foton has technical supply agreements with transmission specialists Getrag and ZF (Germany) and Aisin (Japan), BorgWarner (USA) for two to four wheel drive transfer units, BOSCH (Germany) for electronics and dependent systems and Dana (USA) for axles and differentials.

Cummins diesel engines derive from a long history of powering heavy linehaul trucks and equipment and are renowned for their longevity, performance, economy and low emissions. With Cummins engines at the core of Foton’s new light commercial vehicles, drivers at the ute end of the spectrum can now benefit from the proven attributes of this iconic engine brand.

Daimler partnership

Daimler aspires to be the world’s largest supplier of commercial vehicles and is renowned for delivering lasting value and quality to customers. It is a mature brand that has played a major role in the high-end medium and heavy-duty truck market. Daimler brings brand, technology and product advantages to the joint venture with Foton.

With an extensive history, world-class rankings and impressive joint-ventures with globally reputed companies, Foton has positioned itself as a successful and dependable brand. If you are in the market for a new truck then you should consider Foton – a globally recognised name in the automobile industry with customisable and versatile body options to make it a productive work tool for everyday use.

Foton’s joint venture with Cummins

The joint venture between Foton and Cummins successfully introduced the Cummins ISF light-duty engine platform in 2008, which has grown to be a leading power in the light-duty commercial vehicle market. Because of the success of the ISF engine range Cummins has advanced engine development at the factory to include both the ISG and X ranges of engines. The investment in the plant from both Cummins and Foton has resulted in an engine plant that is the most technologically advanced in the Cummins network worldwide.