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Powered by Cummins, this 7-seater SUV with diesel powertrain and a 3,000kg towing capacity allows you to get right in the thick of the action.

The Cummins’ ISF high-efficiency diesel engine is at the core of every Sauvana. Together with its ZF Automatic Transmission, BorgWarner ‘Smart Torque On Demand (STOD)’ and all-wheel drive system, it creates a ‘winning powertrain formulae’ which is unique to Sauvana.

Sauvana – a great on-road & off-road drive experience.

Tow Capacity



6 Speed Auto


All Wheel Drive


7 Seats




The Sauvana looks the part in the CBD with its refined sleek lines but at the same time it doesn’t look out of place in the forest in rugged terrain with its robust body style and ready-to-go anywhere capabilities. The design vision for this vehicle has been to provide maximum enjoyment, comfort and convenience for its occupants.

Exterior Profile

Sauvana’s exterior design delivers a purposeful and bold stance, creating an imposing on road presence which is striking in any urban environment. With an approach angle of 28 degrees, departure angle of 25 degrees and capable of wading through 600mm of water, Sauvana is not just a good looking large SUV, but superbly ‘Fit For Purpose’ and capable handling a variety of terrain.

Roof Rails

Full length roof rails that follow Sauvana’s roof profile, provide a visual enhancement that not only seamlessly integrates with Sauvana’s overall exterior silhouette, but also provide the platform to fit genuine Foton accessory cross bars which are capable of carrying a multitude of items.

Rear Tailgate Spoiler

Following the roof line curvature, the tailgate spoiler adds a level of design detail and sportiness to your Sauvana, as well as housing the integrated high stop light and rear screen washer.

Integrated Side Steps

The Sauvana integrated side step aids entry and exit to the vehicle and improves access to the roof. Brushed aluminium with anti-slip black contrast trim provides both form and function, uniquely tailored for Sauvana.

Rear LED Lamp Technology

LED technology not only provides a reduction in maintenance requirements (no bulbs to replace), they also reach peak performance in milliseconds, allowing drivers more time to react and thereby helping motorists avoid rear-end collisions.

Body On Frame

Sauvana’s body on frame design and construction provides the inherent strength that allows you to tow that heavy load (Maximum 3000kg), carry up to 7 occupants and undertake that cross country journey.


The Cummins’ high-efficiency engine is at the core of every vehicle and its durable parts are sourced from across the globe guaranteed to withstand the elements.

Cummins ISF 2.8l Turbo Diesel

The ISF engine family is one of the newest additions to Cummins’ line-up of dependable engines. With exceptional performance, low weight and the reliability and durability expected from Cummins, the ISF2.8l Turbo Diesel is ideal for Sauvana’s range of on and off road capability.

The Cummins ISF2.8l Turbo Diesel uses advanced thermal engineering, BOSCH electronically controlled, high pressure, common rail fuel injection system, and a Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT). The engine produces 130kW of power, 365Nm of torque, can carry 7 people, tow a maximum of 3000kg and handle the extremes of off-roading.

ZF 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

The Sauvana’s ZF transmission features Adaptive shifting strategy which analyses the driver’s personal driving style, the driving situation and recognises the best shifting moment for each one. The Sauvana’s ZF transmission boasts “Driver Command System” (DCS) which incorporates 5 Modes: 1 – Economy, 2 – Sport, 3 – Winter, 4 – Drive and 5 – Active Gear Select (AGS), which is a driver initiated up & down shift.

Drivers will experience a transmission that permanently reacts to the driving situation and the respective driver’s request – comfortable cruising or speedy passing – with the correct gear.


The Sauvana is an integration of innovation and world-class technologies. Features include an infotainment touch screen, steering wheel-mounted audio and cruise control. Luxury features include keyless entry, push-button starting, a sunroof and automatic climate control.

Rear Park Distance Control

As well as the reverse camera system, Sauvana also comes equipped with rear park distant control that provides an audible signal and distance reading, to make backing the Sauvana into those tight spaces a breeze for the driver.

Touch screen infotainment system

The 7” touch screen includes Android mirroring capability.

Reverse Camera

Incorporated with the infotainment screen, Sauvana has a reverse camera integrated in the rear tailgate to ensure you have visibility when reversing.


Key to Sauvana’s success is the core product strategy – The Foton DNA story: sourcing from world class, highly regarded automotive suppliers – CUMMINS, BOSCH, BORG WARNER, DANA and ZF.


In addition to ample legroom and luggage room, this 7-seater vehicle offers both fold-down flat seats and additional storage spaces to meet the demands for more cargo space in an SUV.

7 Seats With Leather Inserts

Capable of carrying 7 occupants, Sauvana is the ideal family street cruiser and an alternative to an MPV.

Sauvana’s interior provides a touch of luxury, with leather seat inserts as standard equipment for all occupants.

Front & 3rd Row Air Conditioning

With comfort and convenience in mind, both front and 3rd row occupants have the ability to manage their own ventilation requirements.

Auto Defrost Exterior Mirrors

Perfect for those winter mornings, Sauvana comes standard with auto defrost exterior mirrors and LED turn signals.

Cargo Carrying Capacity

Numerous 2nd and 3rd row seat options make Sauvana the ideal cargo carrier for large, bulky and awkward loads.

Rain Sensing Wipers

Designed to clear the windshield of rain and snow without driver intervention. The system is programmed to automatically activate and alter the speed and rate of the front wiper blades to keep outward visibility unobstructed at all times.

Keyless Entry

Sauvana’s proximity, keyless entry system uses a smart remote that never needs to leave your pocket. The car can detect the smart remote from about one metre away and, once detected, you can unlock the car by simply touching a front door handle or rear tailgate button.


With Hill Descent Control, Hill Start Assist, Electronic Stability Control, along with a 600mm wading depth and 3,000kg towing capacity the Sauvana is a serious off-road vehicle.

All Wheel Drive

Sauvana is equipped with BorgWarner’s latest ‘Smart Torque On Demand’ (STOD) All Wheel Drive system. The BorgWarner Smart Torque On Demand System features 3 modes:

  • 2WD High ratio
  • Auto High ratio
  • 4WD Low ratio

Auto Mode provides advanced off road capability – All Wheel Drive is intelligently delivered via the BorgWarner Smart Torque On Demand system, which offers instant drive to the front wheels when rear wheel traction is lost.

Hill Descent Control

When the hill descent control (HDC) button is deployed, it combines with the Bosch ABS system to give you a much more controlled descent down that steep hill – all you have to do is point and steer.

Hill Start Assist

When the brake pedal is released, hill start assist (HSA) smoothly releases the brake pressure, allowing the vehicle to pull away without rolling backward.

Limited-Slip Differential

The limited-slip differential (LSD) prevents excessive power from being allocated to one wheel, and so keeps both wheels in powered rotation, ensuring that the traction will not be limited to the wheel which can handle the minimum amount of power.

Snow/Sport/Eco Modes

The ZF automatic transmission boasts “Driver Command System” (DCS) which incorporates 5 Modes: 1. Economy, 2. Sport, 3. Winter, 4. Drive and 5. Active Gear Select (AGS), which is a driver initiated up & down shift.


With its front double wishbone, coil spring independent suspension and a rear 5 link coil spring rigid axle, Sauvana is designed to cater for both on-road & off-road conditions.

With a maximum ground clearance of 210mm Sauvana can tackle a variety of off road terrains.

With an approach angle of 28 degrees and a departure angle of 25 degrees, Sauvana is designed for the off-road environment. Capable of wading through water up to a maximum depth of 600mm, Sauvana can handle a variety of off-road conditions.


The Cummins’ ISF2.8l Turbo Diesel and body-on-frame design is at the core of every Sauvana. With its ZF Automatic Transmission and BorgWarner ‘Smart Torque On Demand (STOD)’ all-wheel drive system providing Sauvana’s unique ‘winning powertrain formulae’, it’s capable of towing that heavy load (maximum 3000kg).


Sauvana provides a comprehensive safety system that includes dual front and side curtain airbags and pre-tensioner seatbelt for both the driver’s seat and front passenger seat. Additionally this vehicle has electronic stability control, electronic brakeforce distribution, anti-lock braking, LED daytime running lights and a high intensity rear fog lamp.

Front Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners

Moments prior to the full force of an impact, the front seatbelt pre-tensioner system pulls the bodies of the driver and front-seat passenger firmly into their seats.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control (ESC) utilises computerized technology that assists to maintain control of the vehicle when avoiding hazards.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) technology automatically varies the amount of force applied to each of Sauvana’s wheels, based on road conditions, speed and loading.

Anti Lock Braking

Sauvana’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an active safety feature designed to help drivers retain steering control, by preventing wheels from locking up during an episode of heavy braking.

Dual Front & Side Curtain Airbags

Dual front & side curtain airbags (1st & 2nd row seats) for occupant protection.


A high intensity rear fog lamp, which can be turned on by the driver in conditions of poor visibility, makes the Sauvana more visible from the rear.

Sauvana’s LED daytime running lights (DRL) are equipped with the latest LED technology to provide maximum safety on the road, while also providing a stylish look.

LED technology not only provides a reduction in maintenance requirements (no bulbs to replace), they also reach peak performance in milliseconds, which can help motorists avoid rear-end collisions by allowing drivers more time to react.